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Free nfl betting statistics online sports betting reviews

Free nfl betting statistics

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Odds Shark Top Sportsbooks 1. Visit operator for details. Head to Head. How many games? Played in month? Played in: What type of games? Favorite Underdog Pick-em Either. Start Range. End Range. Before or After Bye? Upcoming Events NFL. All rights reserved. Opponent leave empty for all. Anywhere Home Road. Start Range e. End Range e. Before After. Another feature we provide are NFL game recaps for every match-up.

We maintain a database with all of our NFL game recaps. These can be extremely useful. For instance, if you want to identify the opening and closing betting lines for an NFL game, we track this information in our recaps. We also keep our readers informed about the latest NFL betting bonuses and promotions. Prior to the beginning of the NFL season, bookies start releasing bonuses, free bets, contests and pools. We also publish NFL futures and props predictions.

We have spent numerous years developing our machine-learning AI predictions software. Our GameCenter platform gives you an insider edge on weekly player news, including injuries and suspensions. You can buy NFL tickets directly from this page at the best price possible. Smart Sports Betting Made easy. We breakdown the latest line-up news, injuries, trends and statistics to give you the edge. A number of the best NFL betting sites offer unlimited reload bonuses on every deposit.

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J Brown has eclipsed the 1,yard barrier, and Corey Davis is just 16 yards shy of accomplishing the same goal. I have watched Tennessee's offense often this season, and they are a well-rounded group. If they can just get some help from the Titans defense, I think Tennessee's offense can get the job done yet again.

It's definitely not a sure bet because this should be another close game but if you want some extra value; also consider the Tennessee moneyline! Also, the Saints own the better running game and the better run defense. Ultimately, New Orleans is a division champion, while Chicago is a. We're giving the points here with the Saints. Even the most-ardent Bills backer would have to admit the Colts have a certain indefinable quality that could make them more of a handful than what you see on paper.

Between the coaching staff and Rivers, there's a lot of IQ and experience on that sideline. If something about the Bills is off, the Colts will pounce. I just think the Bills' story as a rising contender is more-complete, something that has been building the last few years and really starting to culminate into something major.

How far they go remains to be seen, but I see them getting out of this with the win and cover on Saturday. It's not easy to make a spreads pick, even with all things considered. But maybe they're lucky to be playing another team from what has been a highly-dysfunctional NFC East. Philly's offense will have more viable weaponry available for this game, but they're still an offense that doesn't fire often.

And against this Washington defense, I suspect it will be a grind for Philly. I see Washington crossing the finish line a nose ahead for the big win in a low scoring game. As you can see from my analysis above, there are far more concerns for Washington in this week 17 match-up.

The availability of Smith will be very important towards improving those concerns mainly because Smith has been much better at protecting the football. The turnover battle will be extremely important in this match-up and could determine the outcome. However, I simply see far more realistic possibilities for the Eagles pulling this victory out.

In reality, the Eagles have the more probable paths to victory with Hurts at quarterback and I think that is the play here. It appears the worm has turned in this rivalry. Buffalo is a division champion with a seemingly very bright future, while New England is probably playing out the end of its dynasty.

The Bills are still chasing good seeding for the playoffs while the Patriots have little to play for, other than perhaps pride. Also, New England has allowed yards on the ground over its last two games. And while the Patriots nearly beat Buffalo two months ago by rushing for yards, we doubt they'll do that again. We're betting the Bills here, minus the points.

Tennessee is tough. They're a well-coached team that brings it every week. They can make some of their weaknesses show less when everything is clicking. But with the top seed in the offing in a season where it means more, the Packers might have a little more of an ax to grind in this particular matchup. I see a well-contested game where the Packers get a little separation late to get the win and cover at Lambeau on Sunday night. Our handicapping team delves into the numbers to uncover teams whose value may be underestimated in the bookmakers moneylines.

Like betting on favorites? Our prognosticators break down the games and come up with their best value plays. Fav of the Week Picks. Our team of prognosticators give out their consensus dog of the week picks throughout out the season. Skip to main content. Sunday Feb 07, Buccaneers ATS Predictions. Free Pick:. Sunday Jan 24, Again, no one would have a right to be that surprised if the Chiefs we all know came out and ran Buffalo a little ragged.

But with what seems to at least be a small kink in the Kansas City formula, combined with the recent form of the Bills, this game starts to have a real heads-or-tails feel to it. Even if it seems unlikely that a game that promises this much scoring will fall within the three-point spread, taking points in this one might be a good idea on a team that could easily win the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Sunday Jan 17, Cleveland Browns vs. Saturday Jan 16, Los Angeles Rams vs. Sunday Jan 10, Baltimore Ravens vs. Chicago Bears vs. Saturday Jan 09, Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills Wildcard Best Bet. With the amount of relative parity in the NFL compared to other sports leagues, you are likely to see several close games in a single week and many more across the lifespan of an entire season.

The key number of 7 comes into being because it is the number of points a team earns when they score a touchdown 6 points and then kick an extra point. While 7 is the second most common margin of victory in the NFL, the drop-off from the first key number of 3 is significant.

When you add 3 and 7 together, you get This is the third key number to note when betting NFL spreads. Many games see a team already up a touchdown tack on a field goal late to increase their lead to While 10 is the smallest and most common combination number to be aware of, note the slightly higher probabilities for margins that reflect other combination numbers such as 14 a two-touchdown margin , 17 two touchdowns plus a field goal and 21 three touchdowns.

Given that totals wagering deals with higher numbers than ATS bets, it makes sense that the range of key numbers for NFL totals would be greater than those for the spread. According to the same Wizard of Odds research, eight different numbers have proven significant with a lot of NFL game results.

The big four are 43, 44, 41, and The second level, if you will, are the numbers 51, 47, 40, and It should be noted that the final scores that might generate any one of these key totals numbers are not limited to any single combination. Being familiar with the key numbers in both NFL ATS and totals betting is helpful, but as a bettor, it is important to know how to translate this knowledge to your handicapping process.

The following sections outline strategies for using these key numbers to your advantage. It is important to always keep an eye out for key numbers showing up amongst NFL betting lines. They can show up as exact key numbers themselves or in the form of a small half-point variation up or down.

For example, a common NFL point spread is 2. It is important to remember that bookmakers are aware of the key numbers for the NFL as well. As a result, they are often hesitant to move lines off of a key number. If you notice a point spread sitting firmly on an NFL key number of 3 or 7 at one book, it is worth your while to shop around at other sportsbooks. Doing so can lead to situations like the following. Note the difference just off of the key number of three at one sportsbook compared to the other.

Discrepancies in liability or the analysis of oddsmakers could lead to finding a hook on that same game elsewhere, as in the example above. If the hook is in favor of the side you wish to back, you will have found a much better opportunity than simply accepting the original line. One popular way to bet point spreads and totals involves buying points. This option affords bettors the ability to bet an adjusted version of the line on a game with increased juice. Take the following spread for a game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers for example:.

The Steelers could now win by a field goal margin of 3 points exactly and you would cash your ticket. Buying points also comes into play with teaser bets. Different books offer different variations, but the most common type of NFL teaser is the 6-point teaser. This wager enables bettors to adjust the lines a full six points in the direction of their choosing.

The catch is that they must tease two lines together and have both results come to fruition to win the bet. Looking for lines that can be teased through the NFL key numbers will help to maximize the teaser feature to the fullest. Statistics are under the microscope in sports now more so than ever. Thanks to this increased availability and accuracy, sports bettors have an ample volume of statistics at their disposal to assist in the handicapping process.

Stats are kept in the game of football at various levels, both for collective teams and individual players. The primary unit battles offense vs. The following sections discuss several statistics to monitor closely when it comes to betting the NFL.