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Always bet on fate

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He performs admirably and lives up to all expectations, likely to carry the title among his peers even at future reunions. Due to this, it is hard to find a successor, and his vice-president even jokes about him staying back a year to continue to fill the spot. Others consider his "student council aura" to be too great, having won by overwhelming majority simply due to that. He wishes for reformation in the school,such as changing how club allowances are distributed, improving clubs, and amending the school regulations.

He was first seen in the prologue when Rin encounters him when Shirou was repairing an equipment with his Magecraft. Issei becomes suspicious of Rin arriving to school early when she is not involved in any club. Rin suspected Issei to be a Master of Caster as he resides in Ryuudou temple. Shirou decided to investigate this matter, he strips Issei and search for any signs of Command spell.

Issei unknowingly tells Shirou that Caster is at the Temple. In the Fate route , He comes over to the Emiya residence to check on Shirou, who's pretending to be sick from school, and to return the bicycle he left at the temple when he went to retrieve Saber from there. After Shirou apologizes for leaving his bike there, Issei notices Saber standing behind Shirou.

Saber introduces herself as a distant relative of Shirou, saying that she was treated kindly by Shirou's father when he came to her country and she is now staying at the Emiya residence thanks to relation with him. Accepting her story, Issei believes that Shirou being sick is just a ruse to show Saber around Fuyuki, then he asks for some tea as a token of appreciation for bringing Shirou's bike back to him. Joined by Saber, Shirou and Issei talk about school as they all have tea, and afterwards, as he leaves the house, Issei is told by Shirou that he'll be skipping school for the week to be with Saber.

Accepting his reasons, Issei comments that Shirou should be just fine if he's with Saber, having taking an instant liking to her as he can tell that she's a good person. He is then told Shirou that she's a little anti-social as she hasn't laughed yet and always looks troubled even while they talking and laughing about Taiga. Issei however refutes this by saying that Saber was smilling quite a lot, but Shirou doesn't believe him as he can't imagine her bursting out in laughter.

But, Issei corrects him by saying that she was smiling when she saw him smile, though this only confuses Shirou, who asks if Saber is making fun of him. Issei merely laughs off Shirou's question, saying that he interprets things oddly and should torment himself on that subject as he leaves.

In Ufotable anime adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works scenario , when Shirou, Saber and Lancer were on their way to the Einzbern castle to confront Archer to rescue Rin, Issei, Reikan Ryuudou and the other fifty-one residents of Ryuudou Temple were attacked by Gilgamesh who consumes their mana to strengthen himself after his battle against Berserker and Illya.

They were left unconscious and to be taken to hospital. In the anime adaption of the Heaven's Feel route , Issei ends up at the hospital following the attack on Ryuudou Temple by True Assassin. Issei is shown weeping over the loss of Kuzuki, who had been killed by True Assassin.

Issei is student council president and a friend of Shirou Emiya. He becomes in charge of the beach party vacation when Shirou asked him to help out. Suzuka Kurihara questioned the relationship between Issei and Shirou, Suzaka started taking notes for her Yaoi inspiration. Issei was suspicious with Rin and Luvia , he speculated that the constructed building was related to Luvia as it says Edelfelt construction.

Both Rin and Luvia pointed out he was acting like a sister-in-law and he was very observant. Afterwards there is an argument about the incident with Moriyama Nanami , Issei complains about the cleanup and the action which Luvia and Rin were involved in.

When the females were fighting over Shirou, Issei commented that he refused to hand over Shirou to some woman and only a man from Ryuudou temple can take care of Shirou. When Shirou was injected with a truth serum by Magical Ruby , he calls Issei a chicken. Issei was later injected with sedative and Magical Amber brain washed everybody to forget about the whole incident.

In Carnival Phantasm , Issei is one of three central characters of Episode 7, where he tries to uncover Caster's real, wicked personality to Kuzuki. Issei makes brief appearances in Today's Menu for Emiya Family. In Episode 4, he returns to Ryuudou Temple in time to discover Shirou had made sandwiches.

In Episode 10, Issei is in charge of preparing for the school festival, and personally rejects or passes any ideas presented by other students. To his delight, Shirou makes him and the student council some food. He makes a brief cameo appearance in the true ending of Capsule Servant. He first became acquainted with Shirou two years ago, and soon became his friend. But there is a stage involved. Too many swoon-worthy patrs My dear Charlotte doesn't know how good she has it.

Too many swoon-worthy patrs to name, but in conclusion And I can recommend this to my teens I teach. Great job Joy and Wendy on achieving awesomeness. View 1 comment. May 07, Ava Sutherland rated it it was amazing. Where is my Ryan Taylor? This book has it all love, drama, comedy, romance. I loved the plot and the characters. I felt like I really knew them and knew their emotions and felt what they were going through. Fate brought Ryan back in to Charlotte's life but a bet between her and her best friend brought them together.

When Charlotte and Liv made the bet on a whim she had no idea how important Ryan would become to her. Ryan had returned from a private school in London after a tragic accident to help take care of his family. His only goal was to make their lives easier and get through senior year. Reconnecting with his neighbor since he was a child Charlotte seemed to make being back home a little easier.

The way the feel about each other and their chemistry made me melt. I literally LOVED this book and don't want to give anything away so just let me say the twists and turns are fabulous and I can't wait for book two!!!! Definitely going on my favorites list.

Feb 17, Chris rated it it was amazing. Though its in the young adult category, this is a great read for 'grown ups' too. Its fast paced and the central characters are well developed. It was hard to put down and I found myself talking out loud to the book which is something I rarely do. I'm anxious to see where the rest of this series goes. Apr 30, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: modern-romance. This was fun and not what I expected.

I was curious how she would handle the whole "remain a virgin" topic in this world of quick self gratification and not come off as a religious zealot. Although sex is a topic best addressed privately, this was well done. No graphic thoughts or actions, No preaching, but by the sub-stories conclusion, a message is given. I wish more girls would demand boys have self control instead of excusing bad behavior as "uncontrollable" animal instinct.

What an insult t This was fun and not what I expected. What an insult to all men. Real men, who really care about you and respect you, are putty in your hands and will do what ever you say I wish more boys would wake up and refused to be insulted by this attitude that they are less than capable of being men and not beasts.

If reality is not your cup of tea, skip this book. If you want to know what the world is teaching kids today and be forearmed, this will do it And maybe open an opportunity to discuss serious maters with your kids. The criminal side story is vague and unsatisfying in conclusion. The richy rich perfect guy next door, while sweet and dreamy, is not even close to reality but absolutely the kind of hero we all dream about.

Good job dealing with a tough subject in a fun, hold your interest, clean story. Thanks for the good read! Mar 05, Pat Watts rated it it was amazing. This book was absolutely fabulous! It kept my attention the entire way through. The characters are well developed and you begin to feel as if you really know them. The story has plenty of twists and turns and the connection between Charlotte and Ryan in undeniable.

Definitely recommend!! Part of a series — different leads I'm assuming in each. Overall: Lovely YA, without a major plot or a ton of angst. I totally got hooked to Ms Casey and Ms Gray's writing style. It was so clear, informative and just lovely to read. It was written very realistically. You don't feel as if y 3. You don't feel as if you need to rush it to get to the big bits, it was a smooth and enjoyable ride. Blurb: After his father dies and his mother is injured in a car crash, 17 year old entrepreneur Ryan leaves his All boys London Boarding School after several years, to be there for his family, and mostly his 15 year old brother.

Charlotte is shocked to see the kind of man her next door neighbour, Ryan has grown in to. He's stunning, sweet and clever. After hearing school gossip about Ryan saving his virginity, Charlotte's best friend, Liv, makes a bet with her. If Charlotte's can get Ryan to give up his virtue by Thanksgiving, Charlotte gets Liv's winning a ticket for a date with a rockstar, but if she loses she'll have to give up her Apple Mac.

But Charlotte had no idea how important Ryan would become to her. Ryan is incredibly wonderful, he has a lot on his plate, but is terribly mature about it all, he's not tortured and always knows the right thing to do. Charlotte though, she's a learn by your mistakes kind of girl, smart, pretty and sweet, but never sure what the right thing to do is. The book brought up many teen issues, and had lots of underlying messages in it. Probably doesn't have enough drama or intrigue in it for most.

But it's a great read for a year old girl or a lover of sweet YA and first love. View all 4 comments. Jul 06, Kristie O'conner rated it it was amazing. This book is absolutely phenomenal! I seriously recommend reading it, because I know the minute you start reading the first page you will not be able to put it down.

I actually started reading the book late at night, and I read throughout the whole night. It is truly that good. Betting on Fate is the type of book where once you start reading it, you look to see just how many pages you have left.

Not in a "Oh my God, when is this going to end. I fell hopelessly in love with Charlie, Liv, and Ryan. Their characters build throughout the book, and I started to actually feel for them. Around the middle of the book, you will know which part I am talking about when you read the story, I started to cry because of the events that went down.

The story was just so realistic! If hearing me talk about the book above does not sell you on reading it, then I am sorry to say that you are truly missing out. Ryan is a handsome guy that does practically everything imaginable. He is truly the guy that every girl dreams about. She is beautiful, kind, and smart. Liv is Charlie's best friend who is optimistic, and she has a bold personality that would make any person envy her.

This is a must read story, and I promise that when you read Betting on Fate, you will not be sorry that you did. View 2 comments. Mar 06, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: teen-romance. I really enjoyed the story. I felt that Ryan was a little too perfect at times, but great story! Sep 23, Oliviaolivia rated it did not like it. I would not recommend this book to anyone. I thought this was a very poorly constructed book and something a 15 year old girl, not a published adult author, would write.

May 09, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for a review. This book was a great read and I'd rate it at 4. And the only reason for that was the book felt like it should have been ended about 40 pages before the ending.

Though sweet, in that it gave a look at Ryan and Charlotte's lives beyond the climax, and a great ending for Liv as well, those pages still seemed to drag a little. However I am getting ahead of myself in this review. Betting on Fate by authors Joy Casey and Wendy Gray is about a rich elite private school boy moving back home after his parents are in a partial fatal car accident. Ryan ends up re-striking up an old friendship with the girl next door, Charlotte. And she, in a moment of thoughtlessness ends up making a bet with her best friend to lose her virginity to Ryan.

Ryan might just be the perfect teenage male. He's cultured, active, heroic, and intelligent. He saves Charlotte from damsel in distress moments more than once. He even wants to wait to be in love to have sex. And never mind the fact that he's rich from an invention and he can sing a bit too. So yeah, perfect guy. And Charlotte likes him. She develops a crush on her old friend and turns border-line stalker on him.

Their friendship is cute to watch unfold. At the beginning even though I related somewhat with Charlotte's character I wasn't sure I liked her. However that quickly changed as the story continued. Charlotte was a klutz, funny, intelligent, and more of the accidentally beautiful and popular type.

She makes that bet with her great side character best friend Liv. And then she doesn't know what to do when she falls in love with Ryan. Some great messages and heavy topics in this book: drinking, accidental overdoses, criminal behavior, sex too soon or too young, teen love, teen pregnancy scares, and the list continues.

I would recommend it to teenagers and adults alike. Great read and I can't wait to see how the series continues. Apr 14, Dana rated it it was ok Shelves: goodreads. Charlotte, known as Charlie, to the only person who'd ever call her that. Ryan, back after 6 years of an England boarding school.

They've lived next door to each other all their lives, and only just realized they are attracted to one another. Like magnets draw together. Charlotte makes a bet with her best friend Olivia Liv upon hearing that Ryan is still honorable vigin that she c "Betting on Fate" is an okay read if you happen to be a teen aged girl entering high school or in that vicinity. Charlotte makes a bet with her best friend Olivia Liv upon hearing that Ryan is still honorable vigin that she can claim his virtue.

She betting a Mac and Liv betting a date with the lead singer of their favorite band. Things get complicated though when too many hands are in the pot. Olivia tells her boyfriend Dominic and his best friend Cole all about the bet. Charlotte knows Ryan will hear all about it. The story line for me was mundane. For me it was a typical script; that of any High School in America!

Bored me. However, I wouldn't be hesitant to recommend it to a young reader.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Always bet on fate Mar 29, Lara rated it liked it Shelves: read Mar 05, Alba and Her Secrets. You got it! What are you currently working on? This one was there to prove the Master's command over his sub.

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